About Me

Hi there.

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Maaike. I'm 20+ years old and I live in the center of Europe, Belgium. Reading is second nature to me and I'm never not reading a book. All these stories to escape into, all these lives to live. Reading is as good as dreaming and books are sacred, heavenly objects that are to be protected with your life. Wise words to live by.

I'm a part-time reader, part-time writer & am a full time member of countless fandoms. I'm also a teacher somewhere in between. You will regularly find me fangirling about all sorts of things and there will most definitely be shouting in caps when I'm once again way too excited. That's why I initially started this blog. I want to share my love for reading and books with other people that feel the same way. So PLEASE interact with me and comment on things you find interesting. I would love to hear your opinion! And I have never killed anyone for disagreeing with me yet.

My favourite authors are John Green, V.E. Schwab, Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas, I'm a Potterhead to the core, I live for Indie rock, I have a severe obsession with dark and troubled characters, I sleep far less than I ought to and don't care about that at all, I watch more tv shows than is healthy, I do NaNoWriMo every november to keep my writing going, I ship just about everything there is to ship, I spend hours singing but that's not something you want to hear, I play the theatre and draw occasionally, I apparently love bookish candles (& other goodies) more than I love money, I have a cat named Kaz and the cutest puppy in the world, I believe in the magic of words,  I speak fluent sarcasm, know Dutch, English, French, a bit of German and can count to ten in Czech, I think people are never too old for Disney, I get way too attached to fictional characters - and most importantly, Rhysand  is the love of my life.

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