June Wrap Up

I can keep this fairly short. June was disastrous. My personal life was a stressful, anxious mess. Which led to me crawling under a rock and just generally avoiding life. (Terrible idea, would not recommend. Comes back to bite you in the ***). So instead of doing anything productive (or reading), I just started bingeing Grey's Anatomy and didn't get off the couch for a while. Seriously, that series is addicting. Makes you put things in perspective too. Suddenly your problems don't seem all that life-threatening anymore. 

So as I said, I didn't read at all. I got through about three chapters of Always And Forever, Lara Jean and then gave up. Now that things are getting back on track and work (thank god) is over for a full two months, I'm spending every free minute trying to catch up with every single responsibility I avoided before. Once I'm back on track and the stress leaves my system, I'm going to get back to reading. I've missed it. My summer tbr should be up one of these days and I'm determined to read as many books as possible in the coming eight weeks. I'm back to being optimistic!

I sincerely hope your June experience was better. What did you read? Anything you'd recommend? 

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