Upcoming Releases: June 2017

upcoming releases
My upcoming releases post doesn't really cover that many 'upcoming' books this month. It's more like a past releases post. June hasn't really been great for me, so for all sorts of reasons this is coming a little late. Still the books deserve to be talked about. So here we are! I'm most excited for Our Dark Duet, even if technically I haven't read This Savage Song yet. I am so in love with Victoria Schwab's Shades Of Magic series that this can't be anything but good. This summer I'm reading it! She said confidently.

May Wrap Up

wrap up may 2017
May. How I had been waiting for it to come and how fast it flew past. It should not come as a surprise that ACOWAR was the first book I picked up. I may have mentioned my impatience for its release once or twice try a million in the past year. It was... I don't know. Both the best and worst book of the year, I guess. I haven't gotten around to writing my review. I'm too conflicted. I still don't have full clarity on how I feel about it. There were things I hated, there were things I loved. AJERGHJERG, I'm so frustrated. Luckily there's one thing I'm still a hundred percent positive about: RHYS. More, so much more, on that later. 
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