March Wrap Up

Wrap up march 2017
Hey guys, what's up? March been as hellish a month for you as it was for me? I'm really glad it's over and not only because April starts out with a two-week vacation. You know that book by Sarah Andersen, Adulthood is a myth? Well, I wish. Honestly, I'm not ready to spend all my spare time adulting. It is awful. In between a crazy busy schedule at work and finally dealing with the paperwork of buying my own place (the only part of adulting that makes everything worthwhile), I didn't get any reading done. Not even kidding. I finished Glass Sword and started A Conjuring Of Light and that's it. Keeping up with tv shows was even more dramatic so don't even get me started on that.. Let's hope the worst is out of the way now so that I can get back on track with reading and blogging some more. So enough complaining, on to better things! Here is my very short wrap up. Prepare for a bigger one next month! :)

King's Cage Victoria Aveyard Big Mushy Happy Lump Sarah Andersen

On the plus-side, I didn't buy a single book - whoop whoop! Look at me being all responsible.
Don't get used to it.

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