February Wrap Up

wrap up february 2017
March already. If the date hadn't been staring me in the face, I would have never believed it. But here it is and it has been pretty great so far.  I spent the last couple of days with my nose stuck between the pages of A Conjuring Of Light! FI-NA-LLY. *fangirl scream* All I want to do is keep on reading, but I'm savouring it, enjoying every page. I have no idea what I'll do with my life once this is over, so I'm postponing that moment as long as possible. And yes, it literally pains me to put the book away every time I reach a new part. Totally worth it. I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Meanwhile I've pretty much given up on my book-bying-ban. I couldn't commit to it. So I've decided to just limit myself to four books a month. That way I'll still save money to put into the house-jar account or to buy the important stuff like the flat-iron I bought last week, yaay :( I can't wait for the day I can drive to IKEA and buy new shelves. One more year, one more loooooooooong year.

I finished five books in february. Not quite as many as in January, but a decent amount all the same. I reread the first Shades of Magic books, no surprise there. I loved them exactly as much as when I first read them, perhaps even more. And of course the last book in the Percy Jackson series was very enjoyable. Everything else was just meh. When it Rains the worst book of them all. Can I already nominate it for 'Worst read of the year'? There's Something About Nik was an arc I received through Netgalley and unfortunately couldn't give a good review either.

The Last Olympian rick riordan When it rains lisa de jong A Gathering of Shadows v e schwab a darker shade of magic v e schwab there's something about nik sara hantz
                                                                                                                 (reread)                            (reread)            

Here are February's buys. I've finished King's Cage already and loved it so much more than the book before. I'm also CRAZY excited about History Is All You Left Me and that will most likely be the book I pick up once I allow myself to finish ACOL. Empress Of A Thousand Skies was featured in February's Fairyloot box - which I guessed correctly. It's the main reason I bought the box last month. So four books. Nice number. Enough to not go mad and still save a nice amount of money. ;)
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