January Wrap Up

wrap up january
2017 kicked off exactly one month, 3 days ago and so far it has been going really well for me. In my personal bubble at least. I know things in the world haven't looked as optimistic. I guess I just try not to dwell on negativity, but to focus on the up-sides instead. For instance people gathering and sticking up for each other. Or small things. Like J.K. Rowling trashing internet trolls right back and Ellen Degeneres talking about 'Finding Dory' in a perfectly unpolitical manner. Or watching scenes from La La Land over and over because I just can't get enough. So let's stay positive. Despite everything going wrong, let's keep faith in humanity. Kindness, acceptance and love will not die if we keep believing.

And keep reading. That as well, of course. Because one of the ways to deal with the struggles of the world is to escape into others. To distance ourselves, but also to learn which mistakes we should avoid at all cost. Or to meet people that are different from us and to admire them for it. A story should always be more than just a story. I firmly believe that readers change a little bit every time and that with each book they read, they become a little wiser.

So I read. And in January, I even read quite a lot. I told you it had been a really good first month. I managed to finish eight books. A huge contrast to the disastrous statistics of December. If I can keep this up, I might finally manage to shrink my tbr a little. The time that I stuck to my hundred-books-max policy has long since passed and there is a huge amount of books I want to finally get to this year.

Which one was my favourite? Hard to say, since they were all very different. It's easier to tell you that I liked Frostblood the least. I really didn't enjoy it. But I definitely didn't have any fun reading It Ends With Us either, and I gave that one a five-star rating. The story really hurt me, but it was also greatly written and very important. It's the kind of book that will stay with me for a really long time. Caraval and Windwitch were probably my favourites, although I know at least some of you will disagree on the last. Ah, well, there are worse things to disagree on. 

United as one Pittacus Lore  Frostblood Elly Blake Caraval Stephanie Garber It Ends With Us Colleen Hoover
Falling Kingdoms Morgan Rhodes The Battle Of The Labyrinth Rick Riordan Truthwitch Susan Dennard Windwitch Susan Dennard

wrap up january
Last December I was also very proud to announce that I hadn't bought a single book. Unfortunately (but not really), I can't say the same for January. Five times the delivery guy showed up at my door. I pre-ordered Caraval and Windwitch weeks ago, so they were planned purchases. The two Fitzgerald's weren't - but I had been staring at them for so many times (look how pretty they are??) that at some point I just ordered them. They are mostly home deco, since I already owned different copies of those books. And Fantastic Beasts was another at the spur of the moment decision. I'm not sure I'm even going to enjoy I it, but I still feel like I should have it. I also pre-ordered Carve The Mark and History Is All You Left Me, but the orders somehow got delayed. So there you go. My month in books. Let's hope I'll save a little more money in February. Not a chance, though. I already have a couple of pre-orders set.

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