December Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap Up
Happy New Year, guys! 2017 has oficially kicked off and I'm so excited. Not only do I have some really great events coming up (only three more weeks until Bastille!), but the list of book releases for this year is INSANE. I'll do a post on which ones I'm most looking forward to really soon.

But this is the last post looking back on 2016. December was a really good month in all sorts of ways, but not in my personal bookish life. I hardly read anything, too busy celebrating Christmas and binging a ton of tv shows, I suppose. I had a list of shows I had to catch up on these holidays and it brutally interfered with my Christmas TBR. I've changed that tbr into a january goal. I'll try reading those books in the following weeks. The to-watch list fared a lot better! I got back on track with Suits and Pretty Little Liars, I finally found the courage to say goodbye to Matt Smith and watched season 7 of Doctor Who, marathoned The Crown with my parents (which is SO GOOD, also it eased the pain of the whole Matt-Smith-is-no-longer-the-doctor struggle). I also got around to watching the last episodes ever of 90210 which is without a doubt the WORST show I have ever watched. I really wanted to finish it because I always finish, but man, the struggle was real. Now all I have left on my Christmas-watch-list is to catch up on The Originals and The Walking Dead before they come back from hiatus. 

So december = good month for tv, terrible for reading. Only one book. Ohmygod no, I'm lying. I REREAD ACOMAF. Again. I almost forgot about that.  But I couldn't include that in my goodreads overview because the site still doesn't feature rereads and I refuse to add multiple editions. At least that brings my month's total to two books, which is of course only slightly less pathetic. ;D

A court of mist and fury Sarah J MAAS Twisted Palace Erin Watt

GOOD NEWS IN BOOK-BUYING-BAN-LIFE though! I bought not a single book in december I AM SO PROUD! It makes me feel slightly less guilty of pre-ordering a bunch of january books. Caraval, Carve The Mark, Windwitch

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