November Wrap Up

november wrap up
It's december, probably my favourite month of the year. YESTERDAY, WE PUT OUT THE CHRISTMAS TREE! There is nothing that screams 'HOLIDAYS' more and I just love to decorate. Which I couldn't do this year, because I got hit by the worst flu ever. I've been in bed since saturday, it is HELL. And I've got a headache so bad it hurts to think about books, let alone read them. After this post I'll probably crash down on the sofa and enjoy the beauty of the tree for a couple more hours.

So december isn't off to the greatest start, but november was a pretty good month! NaNoWriMo was the main part of the month, obviously. I'm proud to say I can again call myself a winner! It wasn't my most confident edition, but I made it and that's what counts. My story is not finished, which I hoped it would, but I'll definitely make the time to work on out the following months. I am so close. Man, I love writing. It would just be a lot easier if I didn't have to combine it with a fulltime job. And an undying passion for tv shows, haha. 

When it comes to reading, november was pretty decent as well. With NaNo I didn't expect to read much, but I still managed a couple of books. I also completed my goodreads challenge, yay! That means I am now completely free to re-read whatever books I want to. (ACOMAF, probably) I am still waiting for the day goodreads announces its 're-read' button. Seriously, I'd give good money for it. That, and the possibility to give half a star. What I read was mostly average, but I have fallen insanely in love with Sarah Andersen's cartoons. She's me. I mean, everything she draws is so ACCURATE. I wish the book was ten times as big. 

Click the cover to view the book on goodreads.

The Night We Said Yes Lauren Gibaldi Book Cover Adulthood is a myth sarah andersen book cover paper princess erin watt book cover broken prince erin watt book cover

november 2016 wrap up
My book buying ban isn't going very great. These are a lot of books for a person who swore she wasn't going to buy anything in november. I don't know if I should even still pretend that I can do this. December is not exactly the month to do better, haha. Ah well, it's really hard to feel guilty over something that makes me so happy! What I really need is a sponsor. Or a very rich boyfriend. Yeah, definitely the second. Suggestions, anyone?

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