September Wrap Up

What a ride september has been. I didn't read a lot, but what I read completely blew my mind. Three sequels in three of my all time favorite series. It really can't get much better than this. I still haven't written a review for any of those, because I don't know how to start. I'm afraid I'll somehow not be able to sell it right. That I'll somehow downplay it. But believe me, they were fantastic. Best one? TERRIBLE QUESTION. If I really had to choose, it'd probably be Crooked Kingdom. Kaz and his crew touched my heart in a way not many other characters have. They're criminals and they're full of flaws but they are true and honest in a way many authors can learn from. When I finished the book I kind of cried. Not because the ending was sad (even though it sort of was), but because I could not handle the fact that it was officially over and that there will never be another book.

Of course there was also that other masterpiece. Empire Of Storms was all I'd hoped it would be. Aelin and Rowan may have been somewhat annoying at times but overall every single character was BRILLIANT. I have so many new favorites after this book, but Manon Blackbeak will forever be the best. Now that I'm writing this, I feel like never stopping so - TIME TO WRITE A REVIEW! Because there was also A Torch Against The Night and that was every bit the worthy sequel as CK and EOS. Killer plot, fantastic characters and a relentless pacing. If you haven't picked it up, do so as soon as possible. Warning: it's probably going to make you sad. Here's what I read.

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Less fortunate is my self-induced book buying ban. I'm currently looking to buy a house and since those don't come cheap (understatement of the century), I promised myself I'm going to try to save larger amounts of money. Which means I can't buy as much anymore. Not that I could ever quit buying books altogether. But I'll keep to the absolute essentials from now on. Of course I have some pre-orders lined up for the following months, so haha. We'll see how long I can stick to my own plan. 

In the end I ended up buying three four books and a colouring book. I had been waiting for the colored paperback of Queen Of Shadows since forever and I'm happy it now fits my tog collection on my shelves. Bummer that I'll have to wait another year to get the EOS one, but can't have it all, I suppose. 
Have you guys seen the Throne Of Glass Coloring Book yet? It is AMAZING. It includes scene from the Assassin's Blade until Empire Of Storms and the drawings are stunning. I've colored one (the Lorcan/Elide one!) so far and I'm excited to get to the rest. It is my goal to finish the book, but hahahahaha - we'll see. Did you know there is going to be one from ACOTAR/ACOMAF???? I need that in my life! 
This month's Fairyloot was as great as ever. It includes the book Vassa In The Night. I'm absolutely in love with the cover and the title of the book (and the stunning bookmark that came with it), but I hadn't heard of the book before so I have no idea if I'm going to like it. But I'll definitely try!

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  1. I had no idea there's going to be a coloring book of ACOTAR/ACOMAF. So now I'm freaking out inside for that. :D lol

  2. OHMYGOD, YOU SHOULD. It will be the best thing EVER. <3


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