Top Ten Tuesday: TV Edition

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every other week I will post a list of my ten favorites in a certain book-related category.

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You know, sometimes I feel like my 'spare' time gives me more stress than my actual full time work life does. Not because being a teacher isn't crazy and insane - but mainly because I'm in this constant struggle of trying to balance reading a thousand books and watching a million shows in the same, somewhat small amount of time. And then there's also blogging about it and creating gifs and... You get the picture? I refuse to believe I'm the only one in this precarious situation. (PLEASE, someone tell me I'm not alone at this pity party.)

Anyway. This edition of Top Ten Tuesday is all about the upcoming tv season. I watch way more than I should and I get shamelessly excited about tv shows. Some are really good, some are .. pretty awful but sort of addicting all the same. Here are ten shows worth checking out this year!

1. New shows planned to air this fall.

Victoria poster Conviction poster timeless poster

1. Victoria (itv)
This historical drama focuses on the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. I've seen the first two episodes and so far I am completely hooked. Not only do I really like this kind of drama, Jenna Louise Coleman is brilliant in the lead role. Yes, I'm biased -  but she's still good. I'm not sure just how historically correct it all is, but it makes for very entertaining television. 

2. Conviction (ABC)
Got to admit. The main reason this show caught my eye is because of Hayley Atwell. I would watch anything starring her. I love her. And since Emily Kinney (used to portray Beth Greene, one of my favourite characters on The Walking Dead) also got a part in this show, I just have to start it. But the show itself seems fun too. Hayley Atwell's character is the former First Daughter of the USA and to avoid a scandal surrounding her, she has to start working as a lawyer with her nemesis. I think it's supposed to be a crime series with a comedy twist. 

3. Timeless (NBC)
To be honest, every show that is somewhat fantasy or sci-fi sparks my interest. But I'm definitely going to try the first couple of episodes of this one and see what it is like. Matt Lanter is not the world's best actor, but he seemed decent in the trailer and I do like Abigail Spencer. The show centers around a time-machine used by a criminal to change the past and destroy the world. Okay, a bit pretentious, maybe - but who knows, it could also be pretty brilliant? I'm hoping for lots of butterfly-effects.

2. Shows based on books worth checking out. 

the expanse poster game of thrones poster outlander poster

The Shannara chronicles poster The 100 poster

4. The Expanse based on The Expanse by James S.A. Corey
5. Game Of Thrones based on A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin
6. Outlander based on Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
7. The Shannara Chronicles based on The Shannara Series by Terry Brooks
8. The 100 based on The 100 by Kass Morgan

Thoughts? I love all these shows to pieces. Granted, I've had some issues with Game Of Thrones lately, but that's unsurprising considering I'm pretty much obsessed with the books and the show is unfortunately sort of deviating from them. I haven't watched season 6 yet because I'm waiting (forever) for the the release of The Winds Of Winter (ASOIAF #6). That said, the show is unlike any other in splendor, acting skills, costumes/sets and intrigue. If you haven't watched it - what on earth are you waiting for? What you should also definitely check out is The Expanse. If you love sci-fi you might just love this as much as I did. The concept is very interesting and the world building and acting are really neat. As of today there is only one season, but I can't wait for season 2! The Shannara Chronicles might be the biggest surprise here. It's a MTV show, which is enough reason for a lot of people not to give it a chance. But you should anyway, because it is completely a-typical. It's a high-budget show with a lot of potential!

3. Long-running shows I'm excited to get back to. 

teen wolf poster The Walking Dead poster

9. Teen Wolf (season 6 - final season)
10. The Walking Dead (season 7)

There are a ton more shows I watch that have a new season airing this year, but these are the two long-running shows I'm most excited about. And since this is only top 'ten' tuesday... These are the two shows that (in my opinion) hardly ever drag. They've been running for a lot of seasons and they still have me going crazy over them and shouting at my tv in anxiety. I'm really going to miss Teen Wolf when it's over. That show might just be the most underrated a show could ever get. 

I did say I watched a LOT of shows right? If you sometimes think you are watching an unhealthy amount, check out my full schedule/list on my tumblr (here) or on my page (here) and you'll instantly feel better.

Note: none of this pictures are mine.

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  1. I am LOVING Victoria! And I can't wait for Conviction. <3

    1. SAME! It's great when a show lives up to every expectation you have.


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