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Here is another book tag.  I came across this particular one on Just By The Page, a blog run by the wonderful Kayleigh. It seemed fun, so here is my entry. Try it for yourself if you feel like it. There are 25 questions, so let's get on with it.

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1. Audio book or physical book?
Easy. Physical book. The only audio book I ever listened to was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (in Dutch) and I didn't really like it. I've never tried it again since. There is not enough freedom in listening to audio books. I want to create the voices, timbres and intonations of characters. I don't like it when someone decides it for me, which is inevitably the case when the story is read out loud by someone else. But I do like narrating stories myself. Yes, I'm a hypocrite. I'm a teacher and I love reading to my students and they seem to enjoy it. 

2. Paperback or hardback?
Aaaah, that's ever the question isn't it? I love both but I tend to buy a lot more paperbacks. Not only because they're cheaper. They are also easier to shelve. I have very limited space in my room for the insane amount of books I own and paperbacks take less space. They usually have a more standard format which makes it easier to fit everything in. And they are easier to take with you. But hardbacks are just something special and lately I've found myself buying more of them.

3. Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Fiction. No explanation needed.

4. Fantasy or real life?
Hahahaha. Fantasy. Always and forever fantasy. Who needs real life when there is so much more out there? I will never get enough of it. I've loved magical worlds for as long as I can remember and I will never stop. I do read a lot of contemporary as well, but it will never be better than reading a good  old fantasy. Never.

5. Harry Potter or Twilight?
I'll get back to answering when they start asking actual questions again.

6. Kindle, iPad or other?
I still prefer physical copies of books. That will never change. But I've been reading a huge amount of  e-books lately because they're less expensive. I also don't have the space to buy a physical copy of every book I read. For a long time I read on my iPad. But reading proved a real nightmare for my battery life and it is very uncomfortable to read outside. So a couple of months ago I switched to a Kobo and it is a lot better than I thought it would be. I'm really happy with it.

7. Borrow or buy?
Buy. The more books the merrier! In my dreams I have my own library. 

8. Bookstore or online?
I love bookstores. I do. But living in Belgium it is really hard to find stores that sell books in English. And when I do find one, I usually already own whatever they're offering. So I buy 99% of my books online. Amazon, Bookdepository and are my regular online shops. This way I can also choose the right edition of the book I want and I can easily compare prices. 

9. Trilogies or Stand-alones?
I have a very complicated relationship with trilogies. Series in general, really. Here's the thing. I cannot quit them. Sometimes a series is really good and then having more books of a same story is the best thing in the world. Waiting for a next book can be really hard, but it is usually totally worth it and when it finally arrives - that feeling is indescribable. But often series are only just 'meh' or even truly awful and even then I feel like I have to finish them. I mean, I read five freaking books of The Selection. Biggest waste of time in my life. Still, I think I prefer series/trilogies over stand-alones.

Sarah J Maas Throne Of Glass A Court Of Mist And Fury candles
10. Monster read or short and sweet?
A good book can never be too long. So if it's good, it can be monstrous all it wants. I'm not easily intimidated by large page counts. I have read (and re-read) books that have over a thousand pages and  I loved every second of them. I have also read books that were only 300 pages and that unfortunately seemed to last forever. So I guess it depends. But overall I love big books.

11. Romance or action
Aaaah, here's the moment where I could pretend I'm only in it for the action - but that would be a complete lie. I need both. I definitely need action, but I also really enjoy a good romance. I love rooting for characters and shipping them. I also really like badass scenes and moments so tense they drive you nuts. So preferably a story has both.

12. Curl up nice and warm or Sunbathing?
Curl up nice and warm. I enjoy summer and love the sun, but I like the cosiness of winter more when it comes to reading. In fact, looking out of my window it almost looks as if it is winter. God, the weather has been so bad lately and it's completely depressing. So maybe I do need sunbathing after all. 

13. Hot chocolate or Latte?

14. Read the review or Decide for yourself?
Ehm. Decide for yourself. I don't usually read reviews before reading a book. I hardly ever read a summary either. I come across a book and let myself be completely surprised. Especially when it's a popular book. I might check out a review if it's a book I've never heard of, but otherwise I really don't like knowing things beforehand. I do check its ratings before starting, though. I follow a couple of people on goodreads that have similar tastes and it makes choosing what to read next easier.

14. Bookmarks or Dog-ears?
Omg. Bookmarks. I can't stand it if something happens to my books. They're like sacred objects. I'd put them in a shrine if I could. No, but seriously. I hate dog-ears and cracked spines. I want them to look good as new.

15. Alphabetize by author, title or other?
Other. I already mentioned fitting books on my shelves is a very precarious business. So they're sorted by size to get the most out of the space I have. I like to keep series together as much as possible, but they're also sorted on color. I don't put the same colors together (although I like the rainbow effect some shelves have), but try to make a sort of 'nice-looking' combination. Either way, organizing my shelves is a work in progress and I take it very seriously.

17. Keep the dust jacket or Toss the dust jacket?
Keep! What kind of monster would ever throw them away??

18. Read with the dust jacket or Remove it?
I remove it to keep it intact. Reading with a dust jacket is not very comfortable and it usually ends up getting wrinkles so I prefer taking it off.
Harry Potter books
19. Short story or Novel?
Novel. Short stories don't agree with me.

20. Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
Harry Potter versus who? I don't know who this person is and I don't care either. Had this said 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' I may have just hesitated a second before answering Harry Potter - but in the end it will always be the same answer. Potterhead for life.

21. Stop reading when you're tired or Stop reading at chapter breaks?
Hahahaha. Stop reading when you're tired. What a joke. When a book is really good I could stay up all night to finish it. Trust me, I get real tired when it's four in the morning but it's still totally worth it if it means finishing a book I love. Sometimes I just can't stop. And when I do stop, it's almost always at chapter breaks. 

22. "It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time."
It was a dark and stormy night. Always. The darker and messed-up a story is, the better. Sweet and cute are seriously overrated. Give me monsters and assassins and wars anytime.

23. Tidy ending or Cliffhanger?
Cliffhangers. Another one of those things I have a very complicated relationship with. They can be the best thing in the world because it leaves you longing for more - which also means it is simultaneously the worst thing in the world. BECAUSE WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? AND JUST HOW LONG WILL WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT? I'm sure you all recognize this.

24. Morning, afternoon, or evening reading?
Honestly, I don't really care. I'd read all day.

25. Do you ever smell books?
All. The. Time. No, you can't judge me. I know you've done it too.

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