June Wrap Up

June Wrap Up
This is coming awfully late, but as tradition wants it - June was CRAZY. The end of the school year is always full of obligations, stress and tons of work. As if in order to deserve vacation, we have to go in overdrive first. I didn't get to a lot of reading. Nor to watching tv shows or writing for that matter. I didn't do anything besides working.. Well, that and watching football. Yes, yes. I admit. The spare time I had went fully to euro 2016. There's just something about big tournaments that I can't resist. The Belgian national team was part of it this time, but I love the competition and the sense of people joining behind a common cause most. Rooting for a team together. And I just enjoy football. Following euro this closely was very time-consuming so it wouldn't be fair to blame everything on work. (Although it was still a really huge part!) And there is also the fact that I had to bring my laptop in for reparation so the blog schedule I had put up fell apart completely. I should have written tons of posts, but I couldn't. I will make up for it! 

I did read the entire The Wrath And The Dawn series last June, which honestly sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is. The series is hardly more than two books and a couple of very short novellas. But I loved this! One of the best retellings I've read so far. Good world building, interesting characters... If you haven't picked it up - this is the time to do it! You won't regret it, I promise.

 Click the cover to view the book on goodreads.

The Wrath And The Dawn The Moth And The Flame The Mirror And The Maze The Crown And The Arrow The Rose And The Dagger

I read two full-length books and I bought two as well, because apparently I need a certain percentage of the books on my shelves to be unread. I'm hoping to change that this summer, but so far no luck. Anyway, my shelves now include A Darker Shade Of Magic and A Gathering Of Shadows. I've started the first one and even though I'm hardly 40 pages in, it seems very promising! Can't wait to continue.

Although that might probably have to wait a bit. I am leaving for Portugal this afternoon! Whoop whoop. I'm taking the trip with a friend of mine and I am SO EXCITED. So you won't be hearing from me in the week to come (again - I'm sorry), but once I get back I'll be posting so often you'll wish I my laptop was still in the shop.

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  1. What an incredibly beautiful post, Maaike! So you started reading ADSOM? Oh my god, once you're done you have to tell me how it was - I started it a while ago but stopped because I wasn't in the mood to read it ... FORCE ME TO GET BACK TO IT! :D

    And enjoy your holiday in Portugal! I've already seen the first picture of it on FB and IT LOOKS GORGEOUS! SO PRETTY! Have a great time! ♥

    1. I WILL force you. I've finished both books now and they are incredible. I have so much love for the characters and the writing. Dark magic, PIRATES (sort of), medieval setting - sigh. I'm so predictable. But it is honestly great. You should definitely get back to the world of Shades Of Magic!

      Thank you, btw! Portugal was amazing. I loved the cities I visited and the general atmosphere there. Bit too hot to my liking, but at least now I have a tan, haha. Talk to you soon!


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