May Wrap Up

May wrap up
GUUUUUYYYS, MAY WAS A GOOD ONE. Not only did I finally get some reading done, I also had a REALLY great time. The books I read were... *insert a million hearts* I fell in love big time. With old characters, with new ones - with books and authors. With worlds and with words. Yeah, sure, ACOMAF was my favourite bet you didn't see that one coming but I read The Raven King and it was BRILLIANT as well. It was such a worthy conclusion of a series I adore. I will miss my Raven boys. Ronan most of all, but Gansey, Adam and Noah (& Blue of course) almost just as much. I'm so sad it is over and relieved at the same time because now at least I know how everything worked out.  Mixed feelings, anyone? (My review will come! someday) But ACOMAF - GODDDDDD, ACOMAF.  Speechless, that's what I am. RHYSSSS Another favourite this month was definitely Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout (J. Lynn). I had never read a book by her before and now I can't wait to read another one. It was great! The characters she drew touched me to the core and hell, who am I kidding - I fell in love with Cam Hamilton and there was nothing I could do about it. The Forbidden Wish was better than expected and I also read Kindled Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. That last one is a short story she wrote and it was Rainbow at her best. <3 The Crown on the other hand was a HUGE disappointment so I'm not going to dwell on that too long. You can read my review if you want to know why I hated it.

May wrap up book haul
My haul was pretty exciting (if I can say so myself). I can't stop looking at my copy of Summer Days & Summer Nights (edited by Stephanie Perkins) DID YOU KNOW THE PAGES ARE YELLOW?? :O and I finally treated myself with The Wrath And The Dawn and The Rose And The Dagger. I've started the first one and it is honestly as amazing as everyone told me it would be. Can't wait to finish! Of course I also bought ACOMAF. I feel like i am repeating myself over and over but i just can't stop when it comes to this book. I bought it twice because my puppy dog decided to rip my first one to shreds. It doesn't really show in the picture, but trust me, it's not pretty. :(

What did you read in May? Which ones were your favorites? 
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  1. I have a feeling your dog doesn't like Rhysand. ;)

    1. Nah, my dog is mainly just jealous of all the attention going Rhys's way. ;D


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