April Wrap Up

Hey guys! It's May and heaven knows we've been anticipating this month. I may have just waited to do this post so I could scream at you that I JUST GOT A COURT OF MIST AND FURY IN THE MAIL AND IT IS HUGE AND I WANT TO START AND AAAARGGHH *can't contain myself*.

April proved a million times better than March when it comes to reading. I'm happy to say that I got out of my Outlander-slump. Not only did I finally finish the book and wrote a review (here), I also finished some other novels on my TBR. So I'm a happy girl and since May seems so very promising and the weather is getting better, I'm going to get back on track in no time! Slight wishful thinking.

What did I read? After Diana Gabaldon's masterpiece, I was in the mood for some more romance. I finally got around to reading Love, Rosie and I absolutely loved it. It was cute and funny, but also sort of tragic and sad. It's pretty different from the movie (which is why I wanted to read it), but still a great read. And then.. omg THEN. I've had Me Before You on my TBR for ages but somehow I never actually picked it up. With the movie coming up I figured this was the time to finally read it. MY HEART *heavy sobs*. See, I don't usually read synopsis or blurbs anymore. And while I had seen the trailer, it had been a while so I wasn't really prepared for what this book was going to put me through.
But I'm telling you - there were ugly tears and there were a whole lot of them. It had been a really long since I'd cried over a book like this. I can only say that if you plan to read this - you better prepare yourself for an emotional breakdown.

I also read the new Nicci French, which - if you like psychological thrillers - you should try. And after watching Shadowhunters (the tv show) I felt kind of intrigued by the shadow hunter world again and I read the first book of The Infernal Devices. I enjoyed Clockwork Angel, but it didn't exactly make me jump in excitement. Maybe you felt differently about it? 

I ALSO RECEIVED TWO FAIRYLOOT BOXES THIS MONTH! Two because March's box arrived a little late due to the attacks in Brussel and other unavoidable circumstances. But once they got here.. I'm so in love. They are truly amazing. Because the bookish goodies are great, but also because Anissa (who created Fairyloot) seems to have impeccable taste in books and seems to know exactly what we are anticipating. I'm going to do a bigger post on April's box and the boxes I receive in the future. Unfortunately that won't be May, because I forgot to resubscribe and now they're completely sold out. Sometimes I just want to hit myself in the face.

I also got myself a couple of great reads. The Raven King was by far my most anticipated one. I'd had it pre-ordered for months. I'm reading it now and so far it's AMAZING. It does not disappoint and I'm so happy with it. I also went to this local.. book fair(?) thing where I got myself some really cheap books. I bought The Fevre Dream (which I already owned in Dutch, but wanted in English), The Bane Chronicles (which I'm dying to read), Blue Lily Lily Blue (that I still needed in hard copy) and Linger (even though I have not read Shiver and don't own it either). Ah well. I also bought Love, Rosie this month but I forgot to put it in the picture. Oops.

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