Totally Should Have book tag

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I was tagged by the wonderful Melissa at In A Bookish World to do the totally should have tag. It's been a long time since I was tagged for this, but I've finally gotten around to it. It was a lot of fun, even if some questions were really hard to answer. ;)

1. Totally should have gotten a sequel.

I found this one really hard to answer. I mostly read series and even though the wait for sequels is often infuriating, we can always rely on there being one. But I do read stand-alones as well. The thing with those is that they are well.. finished. But if I had to choose one book to get a sequel, it would be The Martian by Andy Weir. I looooooooved that book so much. I would read anything featuring Mark Watney. 

Top Ten Tuesday: My Most Recent 5 Star Reads

Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature hosted by The Broke and the BookishEvery other week I will post a list of my ten favorites in a certain category.


This is an easy one. This is basically just scrolling down my 'read' shelf on goodreads and putting down my ten last five-star reads. So far there weren't too many in 2016 so I'll pick from last year as well. This list will probably be a little predictable since I haven't been reading all that much lately. And I have rated even less books five stars. (Tons of 4.5 stars though) Basically these are the books I've been going on and on about for ages. No surprises here. I'll them down in order of reading, recent to last. Do you agree with my ratings? Or do you think I'm giving some of these books too much credit? Talk to me!

Pray for Brussels.

Hey guys. Long time no see. I have been crazy busy with all kinds of fun things (except reading) and I was really looking forward to telling you all about it. But then march 22nd 2016 came and changed everything. I feel like I should dedicate a post to it. It feels wrong to ignore it and just go on. 

Even though I hardly know where to start. Terrorist attacks aren't just a European thing. They happen way too often all over the world. And it is absolutely horrible every single time a life is taken. It makes me sick. I just can't wrap my mind around the idealism behind it. How people can purposely kill innocent people is beyond me. Yet it happens. By people who aren't even worthy of that name. By beings worse than animals. And now it has happened here. In Brussels, yes, but really in the entire country.

I saw it coming and yet it came as a surprise. I don't care if that doesn't make sense. None of this makes sense anyway. Having something like this happen in your own country leaves a deep mark. Not just in yourself but in everyone. In society. A general air of sadness and grief, of anger and disappointment hangs in the air. It's suffocating. No one is unaffected and it's all everyone can talk about.

I don't know if I've ever told you that I'm a teacher in primary school. I teach a class of sixteen fifth grade students. Sixteen eleven years olds that had no idea what was going on and were breaking their heads on a difficult math problem when the first bombs went off. Children who had just celebrated someone's birthday and were happy. I was the one to burst their bubble. I was the one that had to tell them that the horrors of the world had finally crossed our doorstep. I think maybe their reactions left the deepest impression on me. They are growing up amidst all this. Their incomprehension and indignation broke my heart. But they made me stronger too. Because despite the deep fear in their eyes, there was also a hint of hope. Hope that one day everything will work out somehow.

I admire them for it. I pull strength from them the way they do from me. What happened can not be put into words. But if we stand together we will pull through. No matter where we live and who we are, no matter what happens - we won't be broken. We'll always survive and stand a little taller. Because that's what we are. Human.

Take care everyone.
Soyez courageux.
Hou van elkaar.

Upcoming Releases: March 2016

Lady Midnight Cassandra Clare
So as I said, I’m gone for the week. But in my absence you can drool over these gorgeous new young adult releases! In my opinion there aren’t that many ‘spectacular’ ones this month, so maybe it’s time to catch up on that huge TBR-list, no? I really need to, it’s getting longer by the minute. What are your next reads?

February Wrap Up

Hey guys! Long time no see.. This past week has been pretty crazy. I spent last weekend in the Netherlands with my favourite Dutch friends and it was really amazing and I absolutely didn't have the time to read or write blog posts. And this last week has been pretty much the same. A couple of evening meetings at work, making preparations for the trip I'm taking the coming week (also with work) and well.. 24 hours in a day just really aren't enough?

I think I might be in a bit of a slump, but it has more to do with lack of time than lack of will. The books I bought this month are SCREAMING at me to read them and all I want to do is pick them up. But I'm also reading Outlander and even though I'm really loving it so far, it's not exactly a fast read. AND, february had a day less! Haha, but I don't really think I can hide behind that, right? Anyone else experiencing something alike?
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