January Wrap Up

February. My god, this year is flying by already. My reading year has not started exceptionally well to be honest. I read only three books in January. Why? Partly because I got into a bit of a slump when Ice Like Fire didn't meet my expectations - but also because I was determined to catch up with my tv shows. And once I start that.. well. 

So let's talk about the things I did do when I wasn't reading. I caught up on the shows I was behind on (because my schedule of 25 shows a week is just impossible to keep up with), watched another three seasons of Doctor Who (HELP ME I'M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO MATT SMITH) and started three new shows because apparently I have still time to spare. (Omg - I really shouldn't have, but the Shannara Chronicles are really great and I'm crazy about The Expanse even though no one seems to know that one. And then there's also Shadowhunters, which I couldn't just not watch, you know? Its honestly as terrible as I feared it would be, but I'm MADLY in love with ALEC ALEC ALEC ALEC <3) Some other shows finally premiered their new season (THE 100 EVERYONE - BELLARKEFORLIFE) and well, it's safe to say I did not get bored in January.
I also got some writing done, though hardly as much as I would have wanted to. You know the feeling when everything is just right there in your head, but it somehow won't come out? That's basically the place I've been in lately. So I started writing some fanfic again to idk, get out of whatever the hell this is. I started it after doing that RIP it or SHIP it tag - it's based on Dramione because... well because. If you're interested, you can find it here.

My haul was also rather small this month but that's mainly because I spend so much money on other things that I was able to convince myself that buying books was NOT a good idea. But I did finally get my copy of Winter, bought Cruel Crown and The Song Of Achilles. That last one is supposed to be really great, so I'm really excited to start it!

What were you guys up to in January?

Here's what I read. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE has to be Truthwitch. I really, really loved that one. My review will be up in a few days. I hope it will convince you all to start reading the book.


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  1. *takes a deeeeeep breath* OH MY GOOOD! Okay, so whenever I feel the need to start a new series I'll come talk to you, alright? You seem to know EVERYTHING there is, haha. :D

    YAY to The Shannara Chronicles! I'm already anticipating the new episode tomorrow and CAN'T WAIT!!! (Is there already someone you like more? Amberle? Eritrea? I've asked you this already, haven't I?! Ugh!) Shadowhunters is a show I'm honestly not sure if I wanna watch ... I do think Alec is pretty handsome though. :P

    I recently started Lucifer and really liked the first episode ... it's quite funny and interesting! :D Also I'm super behind on The 100 *hides* I think I stopped watching around the beginning of S2? BUT I SHIP BELLARKE!!! <3

    Can't wait for your review of Truthwitch & another chapter of your fanfic (still super happy you published it!) - I NEED MORE! :D

    1. Haha. We've covered most of this comment already. So basically yes - there's a lot of shows you can come talk to me about AND PLEASE DO. There's nothing I'd like more. :)

      I am really considering if I should start Lucifer btw, everyone seems to be pretty excited about it and there aren't that many episodes yet.

      Also, my next chapter in Silver Dawn is almost done so I hope to put it up soon! So happy you're liking it and reading it and thanks <3

  2. YAYYY, great post!!! The Shannara Chronicles is sooo amazing, I love it! I'm not really liking the Shadowhunters series, but I'm still watching it because I'm hoping it will get better (and I agree, ALEC!!!). I also am enjoying The 100, wondering how it's all going to turn out!

    Truthwitch really was amazing! I'll be looking out for your review! :D

    1. YES THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES ARE GREAT. I didn't expect it to be THIS great to be honest, somehow I'm still idk not giving MTV enough credit. They positively surprised me once again! :D And The 100 don't get me started on that one zegmahgehkrgmjehrg. I love it so SO SO much!

      Thank you! I really loved Truthwitch as well. It'll be up today!

  3. I want Truthwitch SO badly. I've seen many people loving it. :D

    1. Oh, you should really get to it soon. Already one of THE books of the year! It's living up to the hype around it. :)


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