The R.I.P. it or SHIP it book tag

rip it or ship it book tag

I was tagged by the lovely Yvonne A World Between Folded Pages to do the RIP it or SHIP it tag. I can't even begin to explain how much fun this has been. I realized very early on in my fangirl life that I'm quite the sailor. I ship just about everything there is to ship. So - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I spent the entire afternoon on this (and procrastinated on everything else I should have been doing). Trying to find the right pictures to match the characters inside my head. Not easy but still a lot of fun. 

Basically the idea is to choose some of your favourite characters, throw them together and randomly pick pairs. Then you decide whether you'd RIP it or SHIP it.

1. Kaz Brekker from Six Of Crows and Aelin Ashryver Galathynius from Throne Of Glass. The first one was immediately a hard one. Both Kaz and Aelin are very strong characters. I think Kaz and Celaena might work, but I'm pretty sure Kaz and Aelin wouldn't. Aelin is a queen and even though she sees her friends as equals, Kaz would never be able to deal with the responsibilities that come with that title. He was born to live in the shadows. I think he needs someone more quiet, and calmer. And Aelin needs someone as fierce as she is. I love both these characters with all my heart, but I'm still going to RIP it.

2. June Iparis from Legend and Cole Stewart from The Darkest Minds. This is easy. They would work perfectly together. I might just write a letter to Marie Lu and Alexandra Bracken to propose some kind of  cross over. If only Cole.. you know. They're both incredibly loyal and June is exactly the kind of girl Cole would fall for. Strong, intelligent and ready to do what has to be done. She'd give him a sense of purpose and would bring out the best in him. It would take more time for June to warm to him, but in the end his easy nature would win her over. He'd loosen her up and show her that there's more to the world than responsibilities. GOD, CAN THIS BE CANON ALREADY? I most definitely SHIP it. #stewaris

3. Four from Divergent and Cath Avery from Fangirl. First of all I'm talking about Four. Mysterious, strong and vulnerable Four from Divergent. Not whatever the hell Tobias Eaton turned into later on. Pairing that guy with Cath would be disastrous. I can imagine them being in the same room, trying everything in their power to pretend the other person isn't there. Neither of them willing to open up and meanwhile just staring at the floor. Yes, it would be that bad. They are both insecure in their own particular ways and have huge trust issues. So, no. Not going to happen. This is without a doubt a RIP it.

4. Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I actually jumped up and down my chair when those two came out together. So first, I'm a total Romione shipper. I love Ron and I think he and Hermione are perfect together. But.. this. It's the kind of forbidden romance you can't help but root for. Or at least I can't help it. Draco is problematic at best, but I think Hermione could heal him. Could show him another way of living. He would become a better man with her around and without the bad influence of his family. So yeah.    Sorry not sorry. I totally SHIP it. #dramione

5. Adelina Amouteru from The Young Elites and Rhysand from A Court Of Thorns And Roses. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to ship Adelina with anyone since she's such a dark character, but she would probably work with Rhysand. She's dark, but so is he. On an entirely different level, perhaps, but he would understand her. I think he might be able to bring back her humanity. He would balance her, steady her and maybe even temper her. Find the light inside of her. And she, on the other hand, would intrigue him. Her power would unsettle him and he would probably revel in her darkness. I like to think Rhysand would be strong enough for both of them. That he would be able to change her for the better. And if he can't - well, just imagine what an impossible power couple they'd be. Either way,  I  SHIP it. #Rhyselina

6. Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games and Arya from The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon). Arya is probably one of my oldest favorite characters. I started reading Eragon when I was pretty young and I was immediately taken by her. She's elvish, ancient and a true warrior. She's also a princess and the heir to the throne of Elesméra. I admire her for her sense of duty, her power and her undying loyalty. But she's also very introvert and her superiority to everyone else is both a strength and a weakness. I think Gale would fall for her. He would greatly admire her strength and willingness to save her country. But I don't think she would return his feelings. It's just not in her nature. He's too human and she will always put her people first. So even though it pains me, I need to RIP it. 

7. Manon Blackbeak from Throne Of Glass and Sam Cortland from Throne Of Glass. It pains me to picture Sam with anyone other than Celaena and I will never ever get over his death. But then again if he'd never fallen for Celaena, he would probably still be alive. So would he and Manon work? Honestly, I think they would. If Manon got over her superiority complex and her trust issues, that is. Sam is strong enough to call her bullshit and she needs someone steady, kind and loyal to balance her. They're opposites, but opposites attract. He'd give her the love she deserves and she'd give him her strongly protected heart in return. Yes, I sure as hell SHIP it. #blackland

8. Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle and Iseult from Truthwitch. I love Ronan and hell, I probably love Iseult even more. But they would not work together. Ronan's destructive nature would drag Iseult down with him. She needs someone confident, someone strong to keep her above the ground. He can't do that for her. And she can't do that for him. Meanwhile Ronan needs someone to believe in him, to help him through the bad times. Iseult is not ready to do that. She's struggling too much on her own to stay in the light to get someone else out of the dark. Instead of saving each other, they'd only push each other deeper. And neither of them deserves that. So  I RIP it. 

9. Rowan Whitethorn from Throne Of Glass and Inej Ghafa from Six Of Crows. This is one of the most interesting couples, I think. Rowan and Inej are both real steady, trustworthy warriors. But they also both have difficulties opening up to other people. Their relationship would be built on mutual respect and admiration and that would lead to trust eventually. And once they would start trusting each other, it would be forever. Because they are the kind of people that would die for their loved ones. Their love would run deep. It would conquer anything. That's the kind of people they are. They don't give their heart lightly, but once they do it's forever. I most definitely SHIP it. #rowinej

10. Day from Legend and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I'm not entirely sure about this one. They might work, but I'm a little concerned Day might be too pure-hearted for Katniss. Especially after Mockingjay, Katniss is a broken, distrusting, cynical person and although I completely understand why she is, it might be a deal breaker. But then again, Day is very caring. And maybe he would be able to heal her. Sort of. Maybe she would benefit from being around someone like him. They're both badass, that's not an issue. They'd definitely complete each other in that department. I'm a little doubtful, but I still SHIP it. #Daynis


Wow. This was so much fun! Everyone should do this. And I can't believe how strongly I ship some of these couples now. MY FEELS. What are your thoughts on these ships?

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  1. Okay, I promised to comment and because I have to say A LOT, better prepare and get some snacks or something, haha. :P

    1. I REALLY NEED TO CONTINUE THE SERIES. I have no idea who Aelin really is and what exactly the difference to Celaena is, which bothers me a lot ... based on what you said it totally makes sense to NOT ship them. I feel like I need to agree, no matter that I don't even know her that much, haha. :D

    2. It's been so long that I read book 2 of the series, so I barely remember Cole ... just that I liked him. It sounds FREAKING AMAZING though! I can see myself shipping these 2 HARDCORE. I love your June btw! She looks so great!!!

    3. Again, I don't know the character ... haven't read Divergent so ugh. From what I know about him though, I wouldn't ship them. Absolutely not. Cath is just such a sweet and kinda innocent girl - probably wouldn't fit. :D

    4. HOOOOLY SMOKES!!! I never knew I needed this in my life until THIS. It makes sense. So much, oh my god. I love Ron & Hermione so, so much but ... like you said, I feel like Draco could become a better person. He would try everything for Hermione. SHI, SHIP, SHIP! ♥

    5. I NEED TO READ THE BOOKS, GRRR!!! Adelina sounds like such a cool character ... I LOVE villain-y characters so much and since Rhysand is one of my favorites ... well, I'm intrigued! Can someone write this, please? NEEEEED!!!! ♥

    6. Gale probably would work with a lot of girls! He seems like the uncomplicated type that likes strong and intelligent girls ... I don't know the girl you chose but I totally trust so on this one. :P

    7. Don't know these two - not really; still only read ToG & Crown of Midnight - but it sounds amazing!

    8. There's a theme, as it seems. I'm dying to read both books as soon as possible - *looks at The Raven Boys on shelves* - "destructive nature"? OOOOOKAY. I'm apparently always looking for something/someone to finally convince me to read it but this ... well. :D

    9. CAN I HAVE THIS?!? Another favorite one of the couples you got ... this sounds SO GOOD. What you said about them and how I feel while reading this ... I WOULD SHIP THE HELL OUT OF THEM! ♥

    10. I feel like this could work really well! Day's pure-heartedness can definitely help Katniss overcome this "darkness" and hopefully bring back the light in her. Day would make her smile, laugh and I think it would be lovely if she slowly falls for him. *sigh* :D

    Oh my god, that was a lot! My favorite ships are Rowinej, Rhyselina, Dramione and Stewaris! Are you writing? If you do, you should totally start with one of these ships, haha. :P I WOULD READ IT!!! *ahem* Thank you for doing the tag, I looove your post! ♥

    1. Haha. Wow. This is quite a reaction. But I love it! Great one. It's really awesome to get a second opinion on the ships or rips I made. First of all: YES, GO READ HEIR OF FIRE, TAB AND QUEEN OF SHADOWS NOW. As in RIGHT NOW. Not after this, not after that one, NOW. haha. XD My favorite TOG characters are basically all from after book two. Except Celaena/Aelin of course.

      Second, your favorite ships are totally my favorite ships as well. AND YES DRAMIONE, RIGHT? Like.. I should admit. This was not the first time I thought about them together. So I kinda already shipped it before I did this tag. Still. I need it, haha. & Rhyselina, Rowinej, STEWARDS.. Aargh. GIMME GIMME GIMME.

      While writing this I was kind of you know, struck, by how 'dark' and distrusting my favourite characters are. They're all messed up in some way. Irresistibly broken as I'd like to call them. Not sure what that says about me though. (a) ;D

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME. I loved doing this. And yes, haha. I do write. But I usually write my own stories with my own characters. It's been ages since I last did a piece of fan fiction. The last one was after reading fangirl (I just couldn't resist Simon & Baz haha). But this... god, maybe I should get back to it.

    2. I always feel so bad for writing such long comments, hahaha. I WILL TRY TO READ TAB AFTER MY CURRENT READ! It's just so ... I don't want to see Sam die! That'll rip my heart into pieces! *sigh*

      Goood, I know exactly what you mean! I just love all these dark and complex characters so much more. You'll see one side of them first but throughout the book(s) you'll discover there's more to them, which almost ALWAYS makes me fall for them. So fast, so hard.

      If you'll EVER write something about these ships ... PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'd be volunteering to read whatever you have, haha. ♥

    I read your post yesterday, but I've been thinking about this ship a lot! :D Because they weirdly fit together :D

    1. And just like that we're trash. No way to not ship it!

  3. Just read this post again and realised that I wouldn't ship some of these pairings anymore, haha. Especially not Rhys and Adelina after reading both ACOMAF and The Midnight Star. Not that sure about Rowan and Inej anymore either. #throwback


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