Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 - YA

It's time for the annual goodreads choice awards and needless to say, I always get a bit too invested in those. I like voting because it feels like I'm finally given the chance to reward the authors I love for the masterpieces they've given us. 

But the struggle is real. The adult categories are pretty easy to vote in as I usually only know one or two of the books/authors. But when it comes to Young Adult I've become too much of an expert. I know every single book that's nominated and I've probably read half of them. It's not fair of them to ask me to choose just one. Especially this early on. There are so many authors that deserve to win.

Best Young Adult fiction for example, featured Everything, Everything, All The Bright Places, P.S. I Still Love You, My Heart And Other Black Holes, I Was Here etc. How to choose? I want to read all of them! After deliberating rather long, I eventually settled on All The Bright Places - a book I haven't even read yet. But I feel like it deserves the win, based on my own expectations and countless reviews I've read. It seems unfair to just choose between the books I've actually read when I'm in fact a lot more excited about this one.

But then. Oh-My-God. Young Adult Fantasy. I almost fainted when I saw the nominees. HOW COULD I EVER CHOOSE BETWEEN THOSE? Yes yes, I'm biased because YA Fantasy might be my favourite genre, but what the actual f-? Queen Of Shadows! Six Of Crows! A Court Of Thorns And Roses! Carry On! Red Queen! An Ember In The Ashes! And that's not even the end of the list. I cried
out in frustration so hard my brother came in to ask what on earth was going on. But honestly, guys. I don't know. Should I just randomly pick one? Eenie, meenie, miny, mo? Sigh. It's unfair to ask me to choose. It feels like choosing between your mom and your dad. I considered not voting, but that seemed stupid because then I wouldn't be rewarding any of them. Red Queen was easily ruled out, because I voted for Victoria Aveyard in the best Debut Author category. And I didn't like The Heir all that much so not that one either. Okay, two down, thirteen to go. *Closes eyes and clicks vote*  In the end I decided to go for the one book that I had been dying to read for months. The one I had been endlessly fangirling about. Queen Of Shadows, of course. It was everything I wanted it to be and rose up to every expectation I had.  Sarah J. Maas has easily become one of my favourite authors. And yet I feel bad, because I thought Six Of Crows was just as good. I want to give Leigh Bardugo a thumbs up too. Or show Rainbow Rowell how much I loved Carry On.

Am I the only one struggling with this? Which books did you end up voting for?

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