September Wrap Up

With summer over, september was hell bent on making life as busy as possible. School was insane because we had an inspection team over and I basically had to work through the night to get everything done. And then there's the amount of play rehearsals I need to do because the premiere is getting nearer. It was insane. So I hardly got around to reading. I finished Queen Of Shadows in a matter of days (BECAUSE IT WAS CRAZY, OKAY) but then I only found the time for two other books. And somehow I made up for my lack of reading by buying tons of books.. I don't know. Some twisted logic in my head, I guess. These books make me real happy though. ;D

And here are the few books I read. I read The Light That Gets Lost in advance through NetGalley and   it didn't really blow my mind. It was average at best, but Before We Were Strangers positively surprised me. It was a really decent contemporary. Obviously Queen of Shadows was by far the best book I've read. One hell of a way to start the new (school)year!


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