September 1st Haul

Many reasons not to look forward to the first of september. Getting back to school the main one. I'm a teacher and I love my job, but I guess I like vacation even more. Especially when it's coming to an end.. However, I had been looking forward to september 1st. For an entirely different reason. Yes, yes, yes. Books. It always comes down to books. While I was at school, getting to know my new students, a package was delivered that I had been waiting for a long, long time. And at 1 am this morning (0:00 GMT) I got an e-mail saying my 'preordered book' was now available. I may not have been ready for school just yet, but hell, I am ready for this. SO BLOODY EXCITED. I bought myself a back-to-school care package to turn this day into a wonderful one.

I usually include my hauls in my wrap ups, but honestly. I can't help sharing this one with you already.

I really couldn't resist these Jane Austen editions. I had all of them already, BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY THESE ARE. Oh, and I'm a total fan obviously. I love her writing and stories so, so much. Read them all multiple times. And  the other books? well.. I did mention Queen of Shadows would release today and I had only been dying to read that book for months. And I had pre-ordered the paperback edition of Heir Of Fire with The Fate Of Ten (both released today) months ago. NO REGRETS. And now I'm totally shutting up, because I HAVE READING TO DO. 

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