Review: The Hidden Library by Heather Lyons

The Hidden Library The Collector's Society Heather Lyons cover
The Hidden Library cover Heather Lyons The Collectors' Society

Title: The Hidden Library 
Author: Heather Lyons 
Series: The Collectors' Society #2 
Genre: Fantasy, NA 
Publication date: February 26, 2015 
Rating: ★★★★★ 

Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . . Alice Reeve and Finn Van Brunt have tumbled into a life of secrets. Some secrets they share, such as their employment by the clandestine organization known as The Collectors’ Society. Other secrets they carry within them, fighting to keep buried the things that could change everything they think they know. On the hunt for an elusive villain who is hell-bent on destroying legacies, Alice, Finn, and the rest of the Society are desperate to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. But the farther they spiral down this rabbit hole, the deeper they fall into secrets that will test their loyalties and pit them against enemies both new and old. Secrets, they come to find, can reveal the deadliest of truths.

Let’s talk about cliffhangers. I have a very complicated relationship with them – Facebook would love it. I am very well aware that they serve a purpose. I also love them somewhat since they usually tend to happen in the best of scenes. But then again I also hate them. BECAUSE HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE OKAY? "We’re all mad here", a famous Wonderlandian cat once said. Well I bloody hell am now. The book ends in the kind of cliffhanger that makes you want to tear your hair out, not the one that leaves you with happy and excited feelings. That said, I can only be grateful that I didn’t discover this series sooner. At least I don’t have to wait for the third installment to come out. It’s already here waiting for me. Unfortunately the fourth one isn’t yet, but I’m severely hoping Heather Lyons won’t put me through this type of anxiety twice.

The story? I don’t know what to say. It’s slowly starting to make sense and yet somehow I have more questions than ever. I love how bit by bit different storylines come together and different worlds collide. Characters leave their own safe setting only to join someone else’s. Pasts are discovered, truths revealed. I think The Hidden Library and its owner might be at the center of it all, but too many secrets are still in the dark to fully understand what’s happening. There’s a multi-front war going on and I’m dying to see how it will all unfold.

Heather Lyons chose to create a concept that gave her endless possibilities because she can ‘borrow’ the most amazing worlds in the history of literature. And she does it so impossibly well. Man, I love her. The characters find themselves in well-known books and she manages to make those worlds seem both familiar and mysterious. When Finn and Alice visit Finn’s timeline it feels as if I’ve been reading about 18th century Missouri the entire time instead of modern day New York. The switch is so naturally done I can’t help but admire her talent for story spinning. Maybe she doesn’t create the different worlds herself but she knows how to balance everything out so that just the right amount of the traditional story remains.

AF. Alice and Finn are still the dream team. There is still that perfect ease between them. I’m in love with both to be honest. They balance each other out and the two of them are just so damn badass. And sweet. And kind. And honorable. And caring. And incredibly sexy – wait what? I’m in love with them as a couple and them individually. Their relationship is mature and powerful and based on mutual trust. Trust that one will always look out for the other and never give up. It’s beautiful to read just how genuine their feelings and intentions are. And also how well both Finn and Alice handle Alice’s past with the White King. It’s hard not to feel an intense sadness when thinking about Jace because I desperately want him to be happy too. Heaven knows he deserves it.

True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to live.

There’s just one thing I think Heather should be careful of. The best part of a romance is usually the falling in love. It gets trickier when the relationship evolves. Often they become a bit dull and predictable after a while. Not here though. On the contrary, I’m a bit afraid that at some point she might overdo it. That it will get too fluffy. Some scenes were only just not. When Alice first said that Finn was her 'north star' for instance, I thought it was cute and meaningful. The second time I liked it less. The third time I rolled my eyes and the fourth time it was mentioned I had to try not to let it bother me. When something is said too many times (through dialogue or inner monologue alike) it loses part of its meaning. So I think she should be wary of repetition, although I know that’s usually really hard. Other parts were insanely beautiful of course, so I’m not complaining too much.

Words so easily and yet unfortunately uttered by many, be it to express their appreciation of fried bits of potatoes to sports teams on the television. Words offered so frivolously about a variety of subjects and yet can be the most difficult, most painful, most meaningful, most cherished syllables we gift another person.

YOU SHOULD ALL READ THIS! If you liked the first book, I promise you will like the second. Especially when you’re as in love with ALL the characters as I am. It’s addictive, tense and terribly heartwarming/wrenching.

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  1. Again, what a brilliant review! I'm sooo happy you enjoy the series as much as I did! I can only agree with what you said ... great, great, great! :D

    Yvonne @ A World Between Folded Pages

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot coming from you, even though I think you're giving me too much credit here. But yes, I LOVED it. How long until the fourth book? Pff, that wait will be very very long.


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