April, the month I got a bit carried away..

I don't usually buy nine books in one month. Not that I don't always want to, but I need to keep myself in check. Storing books in my bedroom is starting to become a bit of a problem and I obviously need to save up some money. The struggle is real. But this month was different, because I'd already bought four books on my trip to London and because I'd finally read the Throne of Glass series and I just had to own those books, you know? Sometimes you just have to. I still need Heir Of Fire, the third book in the series, but this edition's paperback will only be released the 1st of september when Queen Of Shadows comes out, so I'll buy it later. And since I was busy buying books already, I decided to order Lola And The Boy Next Door along. I didn't particularly like this one to be honest, but since I loved Anna and Isla SO, SO MUCH, I needed my series to be complete. And while I was adding this to my cart, I somehow noticed Red Queen was on sale and it had been recommended to me and.. I really couldn't help it? It just sort of happened. Oops! 

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